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The joy of a child is a truly precious thing.

The joy children get from splashing in puddles, playing inside forts made of bed sheets, and turning their food into pretend spaceships is something to be admired.

For children, this world is a world of wonder; their active imaginations play a role in determining the beauty they see and the excitement they feel.

A child's imagination is something to be nurtured and encouraged.

Mytee Kids turns your child's drawing into a t-shirt design and prints it on a premium cotton t-shirt.

4 Easy Steps



Start with a Mytee Kids template



Let your kids have fun drawing



Send all finished designs to us



We create your child's vision!

Our Packages

Our packages are designed to accommodate classrooms, birthday parties, church groups, sports teams and even large families. Our order sizes vary from 15 tee shirts to over 100! Please contact us to get a quote for your group size.

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A Great Fundraising Activity
(Perfect for your school or sports team!)

Create custom shirts or jerseys for your class or team and let $5 from every shirt go to a worthy cause such as a field trip to the local science center or traveling for a tournament.

Get Creative! Draw a caricature of your head coach or draw something that represents your class or school such as a school mascot. If you school has different houses that compete against each other in sports games and activities, draw a house-related image of your house defeating other opponenets. The possibilities are limitless!

Why We Do It?
(and you should to!)

Originally we started with the goal of helping children express their creativity. It goes without saying, but there is extraordinary evidence of creativity found in children. In fact, many capacities that children have are a marvel! We need to recognize these capacities and encourage them, not squander them.

Let your children write, act, sing, play instruments, paint masterpieces, have fun and even make mistakes.

Children are not afraid of expressing themselves and we need to nurture this expression.

Mytee Kids
is about encouraging self expression, bolstering creativity and cherishing the events of childhood. When your children grow up and move onto the later stages of life, they will cherish their
Mytee Kids
shirt, an emblem of their childhood, a sentiment of early family life, and a display of their untainted and unrestrained imagination.

Imagination they can wear.


This is a great product for kids and adults. My children get to enjoy themselves while drawing, and I get the entertainment of watching them be creative and express themselves. At the end of the day, we are not only left with a fond memory, but a tee shirt with that memory on it!

– Charles Maybin (Devoted Parent)

We are educating children out of their creative capacities. Picasso once said, all children are born artists, the trouble is to remain an artist as we grow up. It's our job as parents to let them remain born artists.

– Jim Grant (Proud Dad)

I don't want to be one of those mothers... but Jackie's tee shirt design was better than a brand tee shirt designs. Perhaps she'll be a fashion designer when she grows up, and it all started with her Mytee Kids shirt!

– Jane Moore (Happy Mother)

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